The crew and I were excited to be able to journey to Carson City, NV to view artifacts from Hidden Cave at the Nevada State Museum with Chief Anthropologist Gene Hattori. A selection of unique artifacts viewed from our visit will be featured in our video production.

From Left to right: Photo 1 features Gene, Donna Cossette and Rachel Crews viewing shell beads found over 70 years ago at Hidden Cave. Photo 2 features Gene examining the detail of a shell.

With Gene’s expert help we were able to view a variety of different items found inside and around Hidden Cave. It was fascinating to actually see the items in person after reading about them in books. A sample of the items that we viewed were: shells, basketry, quids, etc.

The next portion of our museum visit with Gene was touring the “Under One Sky” exhibit. The exhibit provides perspectives on Nevada’s Native American heritage through a series of interactive sections featuring video, audio, artifacts, galleries, displays and oral histories. The exhibit was a collaboration between Great Basin Tribes and the Nevada State Museum. I highly recommend viewing the exhibit in person if you’re visiting Nevada.

Special thanks to Gene and the Nevada State Museum staff for allowing us to visit!

From left to right: Rachel, Donna, Gene, Jim Carter, and Winter.

-Winter Carrera, Producer

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