Pre-production is well underway and we’ve begun capturing b-roll HD video footage of the local wildlife during migration season at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located roughly 60 miles east of Reno, NV and its habitat roughly resembles the landscape that surrounded Hidden Cave as it appeared 10,000 years ago.

The arid Northern Nevada high desert region that encompasses Hidden Cave, contrasts greatly from a marshy wetland fermenting with plant and animal life over 10,000 years ago[1]. Shifts in climate and increasing intervals of dry conditions, receded the damp marshland.

Armed with a barrage of camera equipment and excitement for our first video shoot for Hidden Cave, Teaching and Learning Technologies Media Design & Production Manager Mark Gandolfo and I met Stillwater Project Leader (Retired) Mike Goddard and Biologist Bill Henry.

We boarded a Stillwater refuge airboat and began our journey into the marshy habitat. It was fascinating to listen to Bill identify and tell stories about the different species of birds, mammals, cattails, nut grass, and tules. I highly recommend viewing birds from an airboat as the quality of the shots that Mark was able to make were numerous.

Canoeing! After scouting further locations we paddled into the vast depths of the refuge’s Swan Lake. The early evening light paired with increasing windy conditions forced us to quickly find a landing area for our canoe. Here are some photos from this location:

It was great to be able to film on location in our “backyard” so to speak. Enjoy the montage and we look forward to bringing you more as we journey into principle production.

-Winter Carrera, Producer

Special thanks to:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

Susan Sawyer, Mike Goddard, and Bill Henry

1. “Hidden Cave, NV”. American Museum of Natural History. Retrieved 28 May 2012.

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